• 50 Minutes

  • Maximum 6 people per class

  • Socks with grip are mandatory for hygienic and safety
    reasons (Available for purchase at Pilathon)


Pilates Reformer

The Universal Reformer is a piece of uniquely-designed equipment that uses springs, pulleys and straps to provide assistance or resistance without any impact on joints. It tones without the bulk and strengthens while giving you more flexibility. Anyone can use the Universal Reformer, regardless of age or experience, hence its name.

Pilates Reformer + Props

This all-levels reformer class, ideal to work much more controlled movements, after all we are doing CONTROLOGY, adds in the challenge of all of our favorite toys, using the magic circle, foam roller, Pilates arc, weights, balls.

Power Jumps on the Pilates Reformer

The workout uses the principles of Plyometrics to develop athletic strength, correct alignment and speed. Power Jump Pilates will challenge your core, elevate your heart rate and train you on coordination while burning calories combining intervals of Pilates exercises with bursts of high intensitycardio vascular intervals, (HIIT). You will alternate between these short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods in between. The result is workout that's great for fat burning and athletic training. Jumping, while it is great for almost anyone, is not for everyone. We kindly ask you to take a few privates or at least 10 classes of Pilates Reformer + Props before Jumping.


  • If you are new to Pilates you will need to take at least 10 group sessions before participating in Jump Pilates group classes.

PilaRow™ (Pilates + IndowRowing) 

Get your body ready with a Pilates “work-in” designed to prepare your body for a safe, good postured rowing experience. Row your way to a stronger and leaner you on our state-of-the-art indoor rowing machines that mimic the resistance of water similar to being on a boat. The harder you pull, the faster the water moves. Keep rowing because it’s a race!

Pilates + TRX®

Challenge yourself to exercises that use gravity and your own body weight to build power, strength, balance and mobility. Created by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, the TRX ® is designed to deliver a fast and effective total-body workout. Increase your muscular endurance, build a killer core, and train just like the pros!
Never tried TRX ® before? Don’t worry! The TRX ® can be adjusted to any level, from beginner to advanced, just by changing your body position in relation with TRX.
The Pilates portion can be either before, during or after TRX .

Sunset Yoga

Catch your breath watching the Sunset and listening to... Silence! YES! Silence in the middle of the city and enjoy a 360 view of Miami City while restoring your inner balance. At Pilathon, we offer outdoor small personalized group classes that allow you to truly harness your positive energy. By focusing on your own spiritual priorities through a wide variety of techniques, you’re able to build a strong foundation of mediation through relaxation, breathing and strengthening through fluid body movements. 

Abs-Oh-Glutely ™

Intermediate level class that focused on intense, but fun tone and sculpting, while working on form to effectively target your abs and glutes muscles. The rest of the body will not be forgotten, but it is definitively an AbsOhGlutely! class. 

Pre-requisite: 10 Pilates on the Reformer classes. 
*Not suitable for pregnant students.
*Not suitable for students with current injuries.

Sweet Pilates

This slow paced all-levels Reformer class is ideal for those wanting to feel, find and understand your body. Suitable for pregnant students or anybody looking to gain awareness of their bodies while strengthening as well as giving it flexibility. It helps you to relax and teaches you to breathe deeply; skills that will help you before, during, and after delivery. By doing Pilates when you are pregnant you will increase circulation to your baby, as well as strengthening the muscles needed to give birth. Pilates will not only help you during your delivery, but will help you to recover more quickly afterward.

Pre-requisite: At least one Pilates on the Rerformer -begginersclass
*Suitable for pregnant students.
*Suitable for students with current injuries


This Intermediate fast paced Pilates class is designed to increase strength, balance, improve your form and posture awareness by using the resistance of the Reformer springs, weight training and some calisthenics training so that you can feel stronger and able to fulfill any other exercise such as running, swimming, biking, etc avoiding silly and unnecessary injuries.

Fit and Fab Momma Journey

A healthy fit pregnancy leads into a healthy fit birth and start of your baby’s life.

Pilates develops your overall muscle strength and flexibility. It helps you to relax and teaches you to breathe deeply; skills that will help you before, during, and after delivery. By doing Pilates when you are pregnant you will increase circulation to your baby, as well as strengthening the muscles needed to give birth. Pilates will not only help you during your delivery, but will help you to recover more quickly afterward.

By appointment only

Etiquette and Studio Policies


(Credit card information must be  stored on our system).

  • Is a 3-month contract, with automatic payment. 

  • Early commitment cancellation has a penalty fee of $150

  • If the monthly transaction is declined, you will be charged an administration fee of $40 in addition to your Monthly membership. Please plan accordingly 

  • Membership freeze is not permitted

  • One class per day limit (either Pilates or yoga)

  • Memberships are non-refundable.

  • If you do not show up or cancel before the 12-hour period, there is a late cancellation fee of $25.



  • If it’s your first time at Pilathon please arrive 10 minutes prior to your schedule class to fill in the form and waiver and to get to know your teacher before the class. 

  • If you are new to Pilates we require that all students receive a proper introduction to the studio and assigned teacher before the class begins. Thank you in advance for understanding!

  • The studio is generally open 15 minutes before the first morning class and after scheduled classes.

  • For all Pilates classes, socks with grips are required . Regular socks will not be permitted since they can be slippery. If you don’t bring socks with grips for your class,  you will need  to purchase a pair of ToeSox at our premises. No exceptions.

  • Group classes are 50 minutes long. At Pilathon we like small class sizes and personalized attention but it still requires that you reserve a spot in class. Please login into your Mindbody account or email us at or call the studio at (305) 728.7800 to reserve your spot.

  • Please turn off your cellphone before every class.

  • Class packages (group and privates), memberships, workshop enrollments, teacher training programs and any retail product sell, are non-refundable once purchased, including partial refunds for any unused class packs, or uncompleted workshop programs. 

  • In the event that we issued an account credit for a returned item, a $40.00 administration fee will be deducted”



  • We have a 12-hour cancellation policyfor any group class and 24-hour for private sessions. Meaning that you have to cancel 12 or 24 hours before the start of your class or else you will be charged a late cancel fee or forfeit of the class. 

  • To cancel a log into your MindBody profile, click on: 

My reservation: schedule, click Cancel next to the class you wish to cancel. You can also email us at or call the studio at (305)728.7800 to cancel a reservation.


Teacher Training


Are you ready
to leave your desk and share health and smart movement
with others?

Have you been practicing Pilates and totally fallen in love with body movement?  Do you find yourself wanting to share what you’ve learned in classes and what makes you feel happy and healthy with others? Deepen your knowledge and learn more about the science behind Pilates and a healthy LifeStyle with us at Pilathon.  We have created a fun and fully comprehensive Pilates training that will teach you everything you need to know to become a qualified Pilates practitioner-teacher and a health spokesperson. 


In this six-module 550 hours comprehensive program, students gain extensive knowledge of the Pilates method as a holistic system in a small group setting. Participants will learn the history of Pilates; Pilates anatomy and its principles; Pilates exercises on the mat; Pilates Reformer; Pilates Trapeze Table; Pilates Chair and Pilates Arcs; how to safely perform these exercises, teach them and modify them for any population as well as how to incorporate Pilates into your everyday activities and a healthy lifestyle. 


January 2019
Pilates Principles
+ functional Anatomy


February 2019
Mat Pilates


March 2019
Apparatus I

Module 4

March 2019
Apparatus II


Module 5

April 2019
Apparatus II|

Module 5

May 2019
Pilates applied to special populations

Requirements for Completion:

  • Participants need to attend and participate in  all six modules (100 hours ofweekend/modules lectures) and regular group Pilates classes with accredited teachers*.

  • 150 hours of self-practice*.

  • 150 hours of practice teaching*.

  • 150 hours of observation/assisting qualified teachers**.

  • Complete written coursework, including case studies and essay. 

  • Pass with more than 75% the practical and theoretical examinations and successfully teach a private pilates session under observation.

  • A private session a month, with an accredited Pilates teacher, is suggested for every participant throughout the program*.

Successful completion of all modules does not imply certification of any kind; only that the participant has successfully completed our program and makes the participant well prepared and  eligible to take the Pilates Method Alliance PMA Certification Exam. 

* Pricing does not include group or private classes.
** Students are welcome to observe and shadow regular classes at Pilathon free of charge.
*** Self-practice hours need to be arranged with Pilathon’s management. A mentor or qualified teacher must be on the premises during these hours.


Early Bird (Before Dec 20 th, 2018) - $5,500 (Fees not included**)

Regular Price (After Dec 21, 2018) -  $6,000 (Fees not included**) 






This package consists of three private sessions to complete a full posture and movement analysis, and an assessment of balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance. You will also be introduced to the studio policies, the Pilates equipment, Pilates concepts, and terminology. It will establish your baseline fitness levels, help you set your goals, and prepare you for future group classes.


By appointment only 

private sessions

Private Pilates Session (one person) customized to meet individual needs. Your instructor will help develop a workout program specific to your body and your goals, selecting the exercises that will benefit you the most.

Private Sessions are ideal for new clients, clients with injuries and more advanced clients looking to improve their form.

By appointment only


  • 60 Minute Class

  • All Levels

  • Socks with grip are mandatory for hygienic and safety reasons (Available for purchase at Pilathon)