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Mindfully, happily & with purpose.

We are a fully equipped boutique Pilates and wellness studio focused on personalized, smart, mindful, fun, original, and vibrant energy group and private classes.

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Located in two wonderful vibrant energy spaces at Wynwood and Little River, as soon as you arrive, you will feel the good vibes! I #onlybuenavibra


Expert Teachers

Our team is a group of good-hearted, sensitive, world traveled, well educated and authentic humans, dedicated to help others learn, feel and incorporate all the Pilates principles and benefits into their lives.


We are here for you

We deliver superb classes with certified pilates instructors. We cater to all levels: if you are a beginner, we will teach you; if you are advanced, we will challenge you.

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Word on the street

I love this place. As a former Pilates instructor, I really appreciate passionate andknowledgeable teachers. But what I really love to see is creativity -- and that'ssomething each teacher here has. I've been blown away by the classes here. There's somuch joy and personality in this place. Everyone is super friendly, too, so first-timersshouldn't feel intimidated at all here. I've taken Pilates classes all over the world -- andthis studio has impressed me the most -- consider me hooked!

- Camille Tuutti

I am finally back at my favorite Pilates studio after major surgery. I have been going tothis studio for years and honestly can say, that after thinking I would have to settle afterliving in LA and NYC, this studio has it all. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable,the vibe of the studio warm and friendly, the studio immaculate and the classes variedand often. There are even online classes which the teachers have perfected given thesepandemic times. Try it you will not be sorry!

- Lynn Gillot

All the teachers are incredible and so different from one another. You can find hardfitness pilates classes as well as much more relaxed ones focused on stretching. As soonas you join you are part of the Pilathon family and everyone is so polite andprofessional. Needless to say, the cleanliness and safety standards at Pilathon are TOPNOTCH

- Francesca Perini

Where to find us

Wynwood Studio

2700 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Little River Studio

8301 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

Teacher Trainings

Have you been practicing Pilates and totally fallen in love with body movement? Do you find yourself wanting to share what you’ve learned in class with others? Deepen your knowledge and learn more about the science behind Pilates and a healthy lifestyle.


Emily Bench

Certified Instructor

12 years experience